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updated on 03/08/2020

Food hygiene



Business type:

Takeaway/sandwich shop

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Date of inspection:

15 November 2018

Risk score:

Hygienic handling of food is considered to be very good

Cleanliness, condition of facilities and building are rated good

Management of food safety is also considered to be good

Last update from FSA 14 August 2020

Opening Times

Operating Hours set on 27/04/2020
10:30 – 23:00
10:30 – 23:00
10:30 – 23:00
10:30 – 23:00
10:30 – 23:00
10:30 – 23:00
10:30 – 23:00
Opens in  8 h 25 min.
8 h 25 min

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Fast Food, French Fries, Fast Food Restaurants, Takeaway, Restaurants, Sandwich Shop, American Food, Meal Box
Box Meals, Burgers, Deli Deluxe Range, Desserts, Drinks, Grilled BBQ Rancher Range, Kids' Choice meal, Meals, Salads, Streetwise Snacks, Chicken Burgers
Baby Changing Room, Colonels Club, Disability Access, Free Wi Fi, Free WiFi
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, more than 2 years ago

My son is in the process of chucking his guts up, due to the poor hygiene and lack of care, after purchasing a bid daddy meal in this branch. If I had known he was going to go there I would have warned as this is a well know branch for this. How hard is it to cook chicken and keep things clean!!!

Gordon Tanner
Nasty surprise in Big Daddy meal

, more than 2 years ago

Just bought a Big Daddy box meal from KFC North Harbour and found pubic hairs planted in the burger. I could usually overlook this as an unfortunate incident but this is the 2nd time it's happened. Is this protocol KFC?? Do you train staff to put pubic hairs in burgers?
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Would never go to this KFC again.

, more than 2 years ago

Dear Reader,

I would like to open up with saying that I have been a fan of KFC for many years and have enjoyed munching my way through buckets of chicken on a regular basis. I would also like to state that I am not one to complain but in this instance feel that as a company as a whole this particular branch has reflected so badly on customer service, attitude and ability to do the job efficiently (my blood is boiling). Please allow me to walk you through my experience which has left me (and my girlfriend) never wanting the KFC experience ever again.

We walked in and it was empty (should have took the warning signs) and was immediately greeted by swearing coming from the person who was presumably cooking the food in the kitchen, now nothing screams professionalism in the quite the same way. Still we were hungry so waited to be served and in the meantime the customer before us had changed his chips as they were cold and also changed his burger as they couldn't understand the words "no lettuce please". Our food was placed on a cold side for 5 minutes whilst the burgers were being cooked and when the attendant asked for an update the person in the kitchen screamed back with a vile attitude. Anyway after the burgers were cooked and we were given the cold KFC order (with no bags/cup holders/straws) we walked to the car and I managed to get in the passenger seat by placing the food on driver seat to avoid spillages, after settling the drinks in the glove box cup holders then pulled the two boxes on my lap for secure transportation. My girlfriend got in the car and noticed sauce all over my legs, it turns out it was bean juice which had exploded over the entire contents of the meal/box and of course now my trousers and the car seat to boot are covered in sticky bean juice. Due to the amount of beans everywhere I refuse to believe that this happened on the walk back to the car in fact so sure that it was due to the lid not being on correctly in the first place that I would swear on my daughter’s life to this effect. I didn't go back in the store at this point as to be honest I didn't want anything else to mar the experience any further and knew I would get the "you obviously tipped it on the way out the door" attitude from the less than helpful staff.

In my current state of mind I am feeling pretty dammed angry about the poor customer service, lack of professionalism, now I have to clean the car/wash my jeans and the food was cold (Pepsi flat) and most of which ended up going in the bin which proved to be a waste of 2x big daddy meals (both with extra hot wings) so ended up spending 14 pound which is quite a substantial amount of money for a carry out service and expect better from something that has always been a premium product.

In summary avoid like the plague, go to another branch where they understand manners and have the intelligence to put a lid on a bean pot correctly. If I could score any lower (in the minuses) then believe me I would.
#Poor service#awful food#attitude
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